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Are you looking for something different for fundraising for your group organization sports team or school?  Let us help by putting axe throwing to work for you!  Axe To Grind's fundraising program is simple and


3 Simple Steps:

1. Choose your date

     *Pick 3 dates in order from most preferred to least.

     *Plan 2 to 4 weeks out when selecting your date.

2. PROMOTE your event!

     *Share on social media with your Family and Friends

     * Create flyers and hand out to people or share at local events

3. Event Day! The Big Day!

     * When your guests come in just mention your fundraiser at check in and you will             receive 20% of the proceeds from the sales to your guests!

Please inquire and register at:

A group of people posing with axes at an axe throwing range.
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